Fraud triangle analytics

Identify high value events about the human fraud behavior

Early detection

Match human behavior with fraud triangle vertices and identify targets proactively

Actionable intelligence

Take decisions based on the global or individual fraud behavior in the company

Alerts and analytics

Detects fraud triangle matches and generates alerts based on human fraud behavior using graphs

Fraud triangle

Conductual analysis using Donald Cressy's Fraud Triangle theory created in the 50's in United States

Download the full product presentation and datashet that contains also occupational fraud risk assessment industry best practices

Fraud identification

Acquire human behavior day by day identifying anomalies and taking strategic decisions before fraud materialization

  • Corruption, conflicts of interest, bribery, extortions, illegal gifts
  • Missappropiation, robbery, disbursements, assets extraction
  • Patrimonial detriment, balance falsehood, discredit, espionage
  • Threats, defamation, data leak, disgruntled employees
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Analyze behaviors

Generate data about your employees behavior using computers day by day and their expressions

  • Pressure, events with negative pressure under the corporate environment
  • Opportunity, situations that can be exploited dishonestly
  • Rationalization, habits of personal rationalization about their dishonest behaviors
  • Hability, capacity to do certain dishonest actions
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Use the data

Take advantage of data analysis through system graphs and alert consolidation for strategic decisions

  • Generate behavioral data through remote endpoints
  • Visualize the data using dispersion graphs by departments
  • Stablish alerts by suspect behaviors using the fraud triangle theory
  • Manage the data through the dashboard
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Innovation and Development

Execute your fraud and cybercrime investigations under an innovation and intelligent manner


How is used this fraud triangle methodology

What is the
fraud triangle?

Invented by Donald Cressey,
north american criminalist,
explain why the people comit fraud
and the theory defines
tree key elements: pressure,
opportunity and rationalization

Behavior analytics

Acquire behaviors under pressure, opportunity and rationalization through the endpoint installed in the employee corporate computer

Behavioral analysis

Can analyze behaviors in a vertical manner using analytics to going deep in the investigation using recolected data

How do you go
deeper in a specific

Big data endpoints.
Data is sent to the analytics platform
and there you can go deeper
in the people behavior
and select a specific situation

How the fraud
is detected?

When the system stores the data
(pressure, opportunity and rationalization)
a process use the levels in the analytics platform
based on ACFE red flags
in high, medium or low,
to detect anomalies

Suspects detection

The Software can generate alerts about the consolidation of the fraud triangle theory under the behavior of the company employees

See this video with the screens of The Fraud Explorer software with vertical and horizontal analytics module and much more features

The Fraud Explorer optimize resources in order to prevent and detect antiethic behaviors related to fraud, corruption and abuse

Marta Cadavid

Certified AML, Certified Fraud Examiner

The Fraud Explorer is a FTA software (Fraud Triangle Analytics) focused on cybercrime and occupational fraud discovery

Julián Ríos

President, NF Cybersecurity & Antifraud Firm

The Fraud Explorer identify and generate behavioral events that can be analyzed with actionable and operative intelligence

Juliana Acosta

Project sponsor, NF Cybersecurity & Atrifraud Firm

The Fraud Explorer and the fraud investigators are opting to prediction through sentimental analyzing using big data technologies

Santiago Acosta

Vice President, NF Cybersecurity & Antifraud Firm


These are the solution prices based on services and software

free download
Source code
Generic phrase library
Fraud Triangle Alerts
Unlimited features
Without support and warranty
Without deployment
$995 /month
onDemand, 1 year minimum, delegated
BASIC options, adding:
Private cloud deployment
Saas model
Unlimited endpoints
1 year warranty and support
$1695 /month
onPremise, managed, 1 year minimum
All STANDARD options, adding:
Onsite deployment
Personalized phrase library
Refining, adaptation
Strategic accompaniment
ACFE/CFE fraud advisory

The Fraud Explorer is doing incredible things! read here all the innovational and unique factors in the behavioral data collection

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